(Emotionally) Missing Flights

It has been almost two months since my return to America from the United Kingdom, and as I suspected, I miss my overseas adventures terribly.

For the first month and ahalf, I was extremely excited to be home with my family and friends. I couldn't wait to eat at all of my favorite restaurants, enjoy home cooked meals, go to the movies for a normal price, hang out with my pets, and all of the other comfort activities I relish back home.  I was able to reconnect with everything and everyone I missed out on for the previous two months, and it was amazing.

But now that I've settled back into my routine here in Michigan, I can't help but feel pangs of nostalgia when I think back to my summer in Europe. Weekends were filled with nonstop flights and subsequent adventures, weekdays I could explore the incredible city of London before, after, and during work. I always had flatmates to grab a meal with, go to a theatre show with, plan a weekend getaway with, or simply roam the foreign streets with.

Now, my schedule is jam packed, with barely enough time to catch up on my thoughts. Hence, the lack of posting since my return. Although routine is good, I miss the allure of the unexpected.

Because I miss all the flights, the fun, and the friends, I decided to put together another video with the clips I filmed with my iPhone 6 while in England and Sweden.

Check it out: